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Goddard Strategies

Eagerly partnering with medium to large businesses in the local home services, healthcare, franchise, and commercial services industries to develop a GROWTH marketing strategy that will help deliver localized leads and allow them to grow their companies. We develop then, implement and measure the strategy's success and consistently make data-driven decisions to achieve the business goals agreed on during the Growth Analysis.
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John Goddard brings a unique set of skills to sales and marketing. John graduated from Indiana University, where he studied Communications, Sociology, and Criminal Justice.

He has served in leadership capacities and always enjoys the development of operational systems and business processes. John has dedicated the last few years to serving businesses across the US in reaching their growth potential through strategic marketing, with predictable, sustained growth.

Currently, John Goddard continues to partner with organizations in need of a web design and a predictable lead generation strategy that delivers results. In his spare time, John enjoys taking Kate and their three young children out exploring the local parks. The little ones keep him busy, but he sometimes squeezes time into his schedule to enjoy a competitive round of golf. John finds inspiration in reading, and his current mantra is, "Either I find a way or I will create a way, but I will not create an excuse." (Sydney, Philip, attributed).

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Multi-Location Optimization

Marketing for multiple locations looks a little different

Create strategies that give your customers personalized experiences while maintaining your brand identity.

Ever wonder why traditional PPC isn't producing results for your multi-location business?

Because marketing a multi-location business has unique challenges, you always have to make sure that your campaigns meet your local customers' needs in each business location.

Do you want to discover how to grow your local web presence and maintain your national brand voice?

In business, it's all about visibility, so growing your local web presence reaches more people, more chances for getting new customers. And with this, you can maintain your national brand voice by building a consistent presence and personality.

Are you interested in increasing your qualified leads?

Customers are the lifeblood of your business to have a continuous flow of sales and revenue. So you first need to grow your local customer bases to generate more qualified leads giving your local business more value over time.

Proven to be Successful

Clients see real results with this strategy

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Choose the path that fits your current business goals!

Local Marketing Optimization

Refocus your local web presence to reliably turn leads into customers

Nail down your local web visibility to get your brand geared toward a broader local audience likely to patronize your business at any time.

Local Partner Network

Cross-sell services to see an increase in qualified leads with far less effort

Get local businesses to message out their offerings fast and effectively. And drive hot leads to see local brands on a grand scale.