Why traditional PPC isn’t producing results for your multi-location business

Discover why a multi-location business needs more than just creating an eye-catching ad copy to get the sales rolling. Traditional is old. The smarter way, the faster to get things done.

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Top reasons traditional PPC isn't performing well for your multi-location business

We've all been there: had a quality product or service to sell, had an amazing website to sell it on but using traditional PPC ads. Now you think it is a good campaign, so why is traditional PPC ads not producing results? Here are the top four reasons you should know

You can't:

  1. Create regional buyer personas
  2. Implement hyperlocal programmatic campaigns
  3. Incorporate text message marketing into your campaigns
  4. Use location-specific email marketing

Traditional PPC is not as effective as it used to be

Running a multi-location business generally expands your customer base. But it can be tricky to market your business in every location effectively.

Setting up traditional PPC campaigns doesn't mean you're able to attract potential customers because other businesses are trying to convince your audience too. Paying close attention to every location is no small task. That's why it's very important to create a buyer persona for specific locations. And with this, you can take a step further by resonating with your local target audience and personalizing your message to them.

It can't incorporate text message marketing

Advertising takes time and patience to pay off. Traditional PPC is what marketers use to grow their traffic and increase conversion. But in today's complex world, traditional PPC alone isn't enough. And the approach to prospective local customers shouldn't be on a large scale. Text message marketing does more than just cut through other marketing noise, and here's why!

  • SMS is delivered immediately and typically read by consumers within just three minutes. And this direct communication can help cultivate lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Text messages have a very high open rate. So, you don't have to worry about crafting an impressive subject line that will encourage recipients to open and read the text message.
  • Text message marketing is easily implemented. Because once you get consent from the consumers, you can already identify those who are really interested. And you can easily track, manage, and optimize the performance of your campaigns.
  • Spam filters do not exist in the world of SMS. So, you don't have to worry about having your messages land in a spam folder if a consumer opt-in to receive your text messages.
Sponsoring Local Events is not possible

Getting attention without spending a lot or if you need a low-budget but effective way to build your brand, sponsoring local events is the answer. Unlike traditional PPC, in which the performance of your campaign depends on how much you're spending. Being a sponsor of a local event can advertise your business on their local web or social media pages. And this also increases your visibility in their local community.

“Traditional PPC strategies tend to lack structure and can be underwhelming.”
Traditional PPC strategies tend to lack structure and can be underwhelming.

Competition is everywhere. So, you have to do more than traditional PPC to outshine the others. That's why you have to focus directly right where they are, whether at home, at work, or even at local stores in their neighborhoods. And using location-specific email marketing for your multi-location business allows you to tailor your campaigns to meet the needs of your local audience.

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