How to grow your local web presence and maintain your national brand voice

Make your website and mobile site local-friendly to connect with customers more quickly. Give them better access and communicate straight to the source right away.

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Improving your local web presence and maintaining your national brand voice is important to increase your competitive advantage. That means nearby online searchers looking for products and services, information near your home's area, or a business office can easily find your website or mobile site.

Grow your local web presence and maintain your national brand voice by doing the following four things:

  1. Improve Website and Mobile Site Content
  2. Work Your Google Business Profile
  3. Publish Local Information
  4. Start Unique Social Media Pages For Each Location

Build a stronger national brand voice

Given the changes in consumer behavior, the right digital strategy doesn't just help online businesses drive sales. But it also drives local traffic by connecting users to brick-and-mortar stores to find information about them.

Spread the word with Social Media

Social media is a great way to publicize contact information, and building a local fan will help increase brand awareness and online presence.

  • Create a social media account and develop your local web presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Make sure to add all information, such as your address, phone number, website, and mobile site URLs, to all your social media accounts.
  • Start inviting your friends and contacts to visit your social media sites and encourage them to share your content. This will help you get more audience.
  • Get involved in conversations. Follow other businesses in your area and interact with their fans and be sure to promote your products or services.
Changing with the times

When trends come and go, the strategy you developed ten years ago may not be the right strategy today. Just as customer expectations change, so do the products they want. That's why your brand needs to evolve along with your customers. Your brand voice gives your business personality and has to speak to different types of behavior and needs. And while maintaining your brand voice may give you a competitive edge, making it even stronger will help you keep up with the times.

“ Use your brand voice to connect with your customers and show what sets you apart ”
Encourage ratings and reviews

When customers search for your products, they also want to know what people say about your brand. The more positive ratings and reviews you get, more reliable you become. So encouraging ratings and reviews is an excellent way to grow your local web presence because customers trust brands with good reviews. You can do this by listing your business in directories with ratings and review features. This is why having your customers provide positive reviews can help drive more customers and retain existing ones.

Proven to be Successful

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Local Marketing Optimization

Refocus your local web presence to reliably turn leads into customers

Nail down your local web visibility to get your brand geared toward a broader local audience likely to patronize your business at any time.

Local Partner Network

Cross-sell services to see an increase in qualified leads with far less effort

Get local businesses to message out their offerings fast and effectively. And drive hot leads to see local brands on a grand scale.